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Kiku TV Channel
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Kiki TV Channel

The official channel from Japan Kiku TV was launched at 1983 as an independient channel 19 broadcasted in Time Warner Cable for Hawain people and audience in the entire United States. The content of KIKU TV Channel is related to multicultural programs dedicated to the asian culture located in Hawai.

All the programs of KIKU TV Channel currently are from the following countries: Vietnam, Japan, United Staes and Mandarin but the most popular programs are from Japan, Tokyo including enghlish subtitles to rich native audience

This community watches KIKU TV Channel shared with UPN Television network. In the last years all houses can enjoy to the signal nsored by the Ethnic channel Group

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Kiku channel programming

  • Drama
  • Secial programming from Japan
  • Entertainment

Kiku TV Hawaii channel details

  • Launched:1983
  • Owned by:Asian Media Group
  • Country: Hawai, US
  • Website: kikutv.com

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